I am Shantamma, member of the Hannah SHG at LBS Nagar, Bangalore. I am a member of this sangha for 7 years. In retrospect, i am very happy that I joined this group. Earlier with only y husband’s income and with four children, life was tough Depending on pawners for money always kept us in debt. After joining this group to keep away Rs10 was tough, But I was determined. This saving first freed me from my debts. Later it helped me to repair our house. Get our first TV set and telephone connection. Later we even got a two-wheeler.
As result of the sangha, I got enthused to buy & rear goats which I could do well. I have sold till now about 40 goats and lambs. It has been a satisfying and lucrative experience.
What I find most remarkable from this experience is that my husband finds me a more confident and reasoning person. My parents think I have been an asset to my family. I myself have a good feeling within me I am not stupid but can understand what the outsiders come and talk in my area. Today as my daughter goes to garments factory and earns, she is convinced of the SHG and has become a member as well.
I had small dreams for my family which I realized with the help of my sangha.
I am Lakshmi from Jesus SHG, Hebbal area. I have three girls aged 10,8 and 6 years old. My husband is a mason and with an irregular job, he is alcoholic too. Life is so difficult to bring up three small children without proper income. I was so afraid how to lead this life.
After joining this SHG with RUHFW we have moved into little better house, we got some educational support for our children. Later purchased a sewing machine and was able to earn some extra income to support my family.
Now I don’t wait for my husband to give support towards children’s education or towards health needs. I am confident to lead a better life and can look after my children. The Sangha gives me good moral support and encourages me in various ways. I have the expectation to grow in life and give better education to my children though I am not educated. I plan to move into a better house on lease. Now I feel confident and strong to face life.
Firdaus from the Surya group is today the proud owner of an Autorickshaw which she bought with the loan from the sangha. Her husband is a tailor. Mother of two school going children, she feels today she is secure and confident. She used to roll beedis and make her savings. After being a member she had taken loan couple of times for educational purpose and to pay off some debts.
After experiencing the ease with which they could repay the loan, she floated the idea to buy an auto. This was something her family had suggested to her.
Now with sangha’s loan, she had the confidence to put forth this idea of buying an auto and renting it, thus upscale their savings. Her husband agreed to it, which she mentions with a broad smile and twinkle in her eyes.
I am Muthamma from the Om Shakti SHG new Bangalur layout. Our group had got the best performing group award since last two year. I feel after saving with a sangha, the way of life my family lives has improved. We are free any debt with high interest.
My house has now been renovated and we have water and toilet facilities within the house. My children could continue there school as I got an educational loan from my sangha.
My husband could buy two machines for tiles polishing which we give on rent, in addition to the job he does. Eve when y husband fell ill it was through sangha that we could mete out the hospital expenses.
I continue my work to make flower garlands and sell them. Sangha also recommends for health insurance which we are considering to take.
I, Bhuvaneshwari form Hannah group through a new member, have been observed to the sangha’s activity for the past four years. My mother-in-law as an active and pioneering member. Her sudden demise led me to become the substitute member. As I don’t earn, My husband is a carpenter who had to hire his tools. Now with his own tools, we save better. Thanks to sangha for the loan to buy these tools. We now plan to have a shop of our own.

Besides loan, through the sangha’s meeting and other activities, I learnt the local language, to travel in the local bus to the bank and be on my own.

The horizons of being self-sufficient increases being with sangha and the confidence grow to face the challenges. I think the strength comes from the other members. the staff who encourages us and also my mother-in-law who’s looking at us from above.
Deserted, with two children of which a daughter is mentally challenged, in a new place without any support was equal to hell, now when I look back gives me chills. But then with my belief in God and the support, I got from my parents kept me going. I was keen to educate my children but my son studied only up to SSLC. I couldn’t educate my daughter. To keep her with me and work as a domestic help was not easy.
I was in constant debt for one thing or other. I spent sleepless nights waiting for my son to grow up and support me. In the meantime, i became a member of the sangha. As a daughter, i feel worthy that I could give treatment to my ailing mother with loam from the sangha.
I tool loan to build this house which was challenged by the local leaders as they felt being a single woman it’s not necessary for me to have own house. I look forward to the meetings as I get a lot of emotional support from the members and the staff. I find trust in this group which gives me strength.
Today I feel content as my son works in a mechanic workshop and plan to start his own. I encouraged my daughter-in-law to appreciate the habit of savings and since last three month, she is also a member of a new group. For my daughter, i have started saving in the sangha. Even if I am not there for her tomorrow. I am confident the sangha will be there as a support and she won’t become a burden to her brother and his family.
Kalywani, Hannab sangha. LBS Nagar, Bangalore