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Ruth Anand had envisioned to help the underprivileged, the needy and the hurting women folk living on the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh from the year 1989. Women / girls were discriminated against and looked down by men of the household. Male domination was predominant in all the rural families. She had seen suffering in almost all the homes.

Ruth’s exposition to social reality while serving in various Institutions / Non-Government Organizations in Bengaluru brought her face to face with women who are in desperate situations. Their silent screams could not be ignored. In urban slums Bengaluru, there was the clamorous need to address women subjected to atrocities from families and communities. Along with facing poverty, debts. the women especially from urban slums have to put up with domestic violence at home. Outside homes, they battle rapes, trafficking, prostitution, injustice etc.

Unlike our counterparts (NGO’S) working among women in other countries, who are able generate sufficient funds to help women in distress, also most importantly providing temporary shelters, here in Bengaluru, we have the uphill task of empowering and equipping the women who are slaves to shame and injustice, with very limited resources.

The roadmap for the Vision and Mission became very clear: Helping women in financial distress, without basic education, limited skills, and also women without much-needed support from families in a changing complex urban landscape, especially in semi-urban slums.

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RURAL UNIT FOR HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE (RUHFW) is a non-profit registered Trust based in Bangalore, India. From its inception, the main objective has been to work for integrated development among women and children in the peri-urban communities in Bangalore.

We believe in partnering and we believe in collaborating with friendly organizations to help the target group.

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If you want to get involve in various activities organized by RUH&FW for the welfare of unprivileged. Please contact us and be the part of RUH&FW

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Email: ruhfw2012@gmail.com

Executive Director, RUHFW


Mrs Ruth Anand
Executive Director, RUHFW
A postgraduate in Psychology, M.Phil. in Population Sciences. She has done a lot of research in the field of women’s reproductive health issues and also is a development activist. She is the founding pillar of the organisation. She is committed to the issues of women who are in distress and other problems. She always believes in building women’s lives and works towards gender equality.

President RUHFW


Mrs Beulah S. Diwakar
President, RUHFW
A post graduate and a retired teacher in an Army school. She is an activist who campaigns against discrimination and violence against women and their rights. She also focuses on the issues of empowerment of women. She fights for justice in these issues.