Mrs Ruth Anand

Executive Director, RUHFW

A postgraduate in Psychology, M.Phil. in Population Sciences. She has done a lot of research in the field of women’s reproductive health issues and also is a development activist. She is the founding pillar of the organisation. She is committed to the issues of women who are in distress and other problems. She always believes in building women’s lives and works towards gender equality.


Mrs Beulah S. Diwakar

President RUHFW

A post graduate and a retired teacher in an Army school. She is an activist who campaigns against discrimination and violence against women and their rights. She also focuses on the issues of empowerment of women. She fights for justice in these issues.


Dr Rebecca Ramya

Vice President RUHFW

A medical doctor, is committed to serve the needy in poor and sick communities. As a woman, she is very strong and stands for the rights of the women and fights against sort of discrimination.


Mrs Thangam George

Advisory Committee Member

A postgraduate in social work and a women’s activist providing valuable support to the organisation. She focuses her concerns on adolescent girls. She has a lot of experience in the areas of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.