Even as she left her home town to complete her formal education in Social Work from Mumbai, Ruth Anand had envisioned to come back and help the underprivileged, the needy and the hurting women folk living on the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh. Women / girls were discriminated against and looked upon by men of the household. Male domination was predominant in all the rural families. She had seen suffering in almost all the homes. However, as providence would have it, her marriage brought her to Bangalore in 1984. Ruth’s exposition to social reality while serving in various Institutions / non-government organizations in Bengaluru brought her face to face with women who are in desperate situations. Their silent screams could not be ignored. In urban slums Bengaluru, there was the clamorous need to address women subjected to atrocities from families and communities.


Work for women’s health, empowerment, rights and integrated sustainable development of under-privileged sections of the community in Bangalore.


Work towards self-sustainment of families and to enable them to achieve better quality of life. Friends, as we have embarked on the journey, we invite all civic-conscious, responsible citizens